Chris Bush

Chris Bush

With over 12 years of experience and thousands of cases as a consumer bankruptcy attorney, Chris Bush is on the cutting edge of Bankruptcy and Student Loan Law. Chris can assist you in untangling the options to find the best solution for your specific debt relief case.

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Student Loan Consolidation Companies

Student loan consolidation companies allow you to consolidate or combine multiple federal loans into one loan. The result of using student loan consolidation companies is one single monthly payment instead of multiple payments.

  • Should I consolidate my student loan?
  • What types of student loans can be consolidated?
  • When can I consolidate my student loans?
  • What are the main requirements to consolidate a student loan?
  • What are the interest rates on a consolidation student loan?
  • When should I begin payment?
  • Are there multiple repayment plans?
  • How do I apply for a Direct Consolidation Student Loan?
  • Whom should I contact if I have some questions about student loan consolidation?

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Credit Card Debt Relief

Are you having trouble paying your bills? Are you getting notices from your creditors? Are your bank accounts being turned over to multiple debt collectors? And are you very worried about losing your house or your automobile? You are not alone. Obtain credit card debt relief today! Many people are in financial crisis at some point in their life, and sorely need credit card debt relief. If the crisis is caused by your personal needs or family sickness, the loss of your job, or just overspending, it can seem daunting. But often, you can get the credit card debt relief you need. Your financial situation does not need to go from bad to worse. Contact Debt Doc today to find out how you can obtain credit card debt relief!

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Perkins Loans

Federal Perkins Loans provide low interest perkins loans to students so they can finance the costs of their education. If you are a student attending any one of the (approx.) 1,700 participating institutions, you can obtain Perkins loans from that school.

The school's revolving Perkins loans program is replenished by always ongoing activities, such as collections by the institution on outstanding Perkins loans given by the school and reimbursements from the that department for the cost of certain loan cancellation provisions.

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Debt Help

If you or someone close to you is in financial trouble, consider some options: self-help using basic budgeting and other debt help techniques; debt help services, like credit counseling or debt help from a reputable organization, debt consolidation, or bankruptcy. How do you know what service will work best for your needs? It all depends on the level of debt help you need, your level of discipline, and your plans for the future.

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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

I want to learn about Student Loan Debt Forgiveness. When can a federal student loan be forgiven, discharged, or canceled?

Everyone must repay their student loans even if they don’t complete their education, can’t find a job that isrelated to their major or area of study, or are simply unhappy with the education they paid for with their student loan.  However, there are certain circumstances that might lead to student loan debt forgiveness. Some loans may be forgiven, discharged or canceled. Contact us today to learn more about student loan debt forgiveness!

I Need A Loan

Unsecured Personal Loan

If you need cash to meet your basic expenses, fund a wedding or take a much needed vacation, you have probably considered getting an unsecured personal loan – a loan where you do not put up any collateral, such as your home or your automobile, that the lender of the unsecured personal loan can repossess if you default on the loan. Because the lender of the loan has no guarantee for that loan other than your reputation, you’ll have a much higher interest rate than you would if you put up collateral for the unsecured personal loan.

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Paying Off Student Loans

Understanding the paying off student loans process for a federal student loan can really go a long way toward someone building a solid financial foundation.

Learn about paying off student loans

Remember that, federal student loans are real loans, just like any other car loan or mortgage on your home that must be paid in full. You must know that paying off student loans, even if your financial state has become difficult, is neccessary. Your student loans cannot be canceled just because you don't think you recieved the education or the job that you expected, or because you did not complete your education. Contact us today about paying off student loans!

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Student Loan Debt Relief

If you are a student that has Federal Student Loans, you may qualify for a variety of the student loan forgiveness programs that are available to to you. You can start today and enter into a loan forgiveness program and begin the road to your financial freedom!

Learn More about Student Loan Debt Relief

Contact us today to learn about student loan debt relief. Every consolidated loan has forgiveness attached at the end of the loan term. At the end of the consolidated loan's term, any unpaid balance will be forgiven by the Department of Education. There are many repayment options in the Obama Student Loan consolidation program, and there are provisions which allow for an early forgiveness or principal reduction many consolidated loans.

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San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys

DebtDoc San Diego: San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys
Find San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys with a primary focus on Bankruptcy Law in San Diego, and will help you determine if filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the right decision for you.
If a client has already filed for bankruptcy in the past, a Chapter 20 combination or a debt settlement program might possibly be the right choice for you. Contact San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys today!
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Auto Loan Delinquency Rising

Late Car Payments?

The number of people 90 days late in car payments approaching peak levels since the subprime crisis of 2010.

If you’re late on your car payments, come in for a Chapter 13 consultation!

Compassionate. No-nonsense. Great job. Saved me $85K!

I had three choices: two large groups, or DebtDoc. I chose DebtDoc because of their numerous excellent reviews from clients as well as other attorneys. Also, I wanted someone to provide personal service and have a vested interest in my difficult student loan case.

I certainly made the right choice. DebtDoc's attorneys personally answered two of my phone calls and regularly answered my emails, even on one Sunday evening.

After 30 years of student loan "prison", he got me freedom AND he even got the US Dept. of Justice to dismiss 25% of my loans, which saved me $85K.

I feel like I have a new lease on life because of DebtDoc. I wish I could recommend 10 stars.

Client Testimonial

To whom it may concern,
DebtDoc's attorneys are extremely knowledgeable with the complexities of Federal Student Loans.
I went from a thriving career to full medical disability, ending with an SSDI placement. Unfortunately, I lost everything and became unable to continue making the student loan payments, so it was in deferment for over five years. When the SSDI settled I tried to negotiate an affordable payment plan with the loan holders but they refused my efforts, instead demanding over twice the amount I could afford.
I contacted DebtDoc and found them to be courteous, responsive and quick to assess my situation. They were sure they could help and took time to answer all questions, which relieved much anxiety. Within months they successfully resolved the debt! With much confidence, I highly recommend DebtDoc.