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Saturday, 30 May 2015 00:00

The Front Yard and Bankruptcy

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There are dozens of identifiable economic events that cause someone to file for the protection of a bankruptcy. Sometimes the cause is as simple as rainfall, or shall I say the lack of rainfall.

In April of 2015 the Governor of the State of California, Jerry Brown, signed an executive order imposing mandatory restrictions on water use. See full text of the order: What that entailed was a State wide reduction of water consumption by at least 25%. This was due to the lack of snow pack over the winter months, and therefore, the lack of melting snow pack for water.

Keeping the front yard green is not only a costly proposition, but also leads to up to 80% of household water consumption in the summer months. That is a lot of water. This has led to the conversion of the green grass front lawn to either fake yards, or drought tolerant yards. This is happening at a rapid pace and estimates are that over 3000 homeowners are making the switch, per week. AP:

Did I mention that lawn care, mowers, blowers, fertilizer, etc, is not good for the environment? Well, it is not. Think about the runoff and the emissions.

So what does all of this have to do with my office and the practice of bankruptcy? The trickledown effect of maintaining the grass, cutting the grass, irrigation upkeep, and over all landscaping is that the small and medium size companies will be losing their client base. The mom and pop crews that charge $40.00 once or twice a month to service single family residences will be losing those clients at a rapid pace. This loss of their income stream will cause them financial hardship. Many landscaping companies will be unable to address their household needs and will need some sort of debt resolution, debt management, and perhaps even bankruptcy.

Planning for this inevitable consequence is essential. Before anyone, who is faced with some sort of financial hardship, borrows against savings or starts liquidating assets, a consultation with an expert in the field of debt management and resolution is necessary.

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