Couple in financial distress seeking advice from a bankruptcy attorney.

The Corona Virus Pandemic is wreaking havoc on our economy and many who thought they were on firm financial ground are now facing job loss and an uncertain financial future. An unprecedented number of individuals and businesses are expected to turn to the bankruptcy courts for assistance.

We have all been thrown into this sudden economic shutdown and an unprecedented number of people have lost their jobs or are struggling to pay their bills. These are strange times and the usual common financial advice may not be the best course of action. Liz Weston, a columnist at NerdWallet and a certified financial planner, advises those who think they may need to file for bankruptcy to “…ignore some common financial advice and start thinking defensively.”

COVID-19 client and bankruptcy related announcements and things to watch for.

Update from Attorney Chris Bush of Debt Doc

I hope that you are safe and healthy and remain so throughout this national crisis.

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In her January 7, 2020 ruling, Chief Bankruptcy Judge Celelia Morris discharged $221,385.49 in student loan debt for Navy veteran and lawyer Kevin Rosenberg under chapter 7 bankruptcy. Not surprisingly, Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) — a nonprofit that guarantees and services student loans on behalf of the Department of Education (ED) — is challenging the decision.


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Recently in New York, Chief Bankruptcy Judge Cecelia Morris discharged more than $220,000 in student loans for a borrower. In her ruling she criticized the fact that many lawyers "believe it impossible to discharge student loans." She stated, "This Court will not participate in perpetuating these myths."