Meeting of Creditors

Appearance Before Trustee With Your Attorney

The “Meeting of Creditors” is a mandatory appearance you must make on the date supplied to you by attorney Chris Bush. The location of this meeting is in room 1234 of the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Office Building. A map and directions can be found at this link. Your attorney, Chris Bush, will want to meet with you for a few minutes before this meeting to go over the Meeting of Creditors Questionnaire and answer any questions you may have. Please allow plenty of time to get there - allow time for traffic, finding parking, and getting through security. You can expect the follow steps at this meeting:

Step 1: You Must Bring an Acceptable Form of ID

You must have a valid government-issued photo ID and acceptable proof of your Social Security Number when you arrive at the security desk.

Acceptable forms of ID include: Unexpired state driver’s license (not temporary permits) or State ID, Unexpired passport, or Unexpired Military photo ID. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE OF THESE DOCUMENTS CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

Acceptable forms of proof of Social Security number are: a Social Security Card, an IRS Form W2, or an IRS Form 1099 (so long as it shows your complete social security number). IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE OF THESE DOCUMENTS CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. For more information refer to this PDF.

Failure to bring acceptable ID and proof of Social Security number will result in your case being dismissed or your hearing being rescheduled; if this occurs you will be charged additional attorneys’ fees for the additional work required.

Step 2: Proceed to the Waiting Room

Once you are through security the waiting room is in the back, left corner of the building on the same floor you enter. Your attorney will meet you in the waiting room. You will need to review the Meeting of Creditors Questionnaire with your attorney and verify that you read the attached “Bankruptcy Information Sheet”. (Additional copies are available in the waiting room. DO NOT DATE OR SIGN THE QUESTIONNAIRE until you have reviewed it with your attorney. You are free to fill out the questionnaire in advance; if you aren’t sure how to answer a question skip it and your attorney will discuss it with you at the meeting.

Step 3: Called into the Meeting Room

At the appointed time, you will be called into the meeting room with attorney Chris Bush. The meeting is run by a person titled the “trustee”. The trustee is not a judge; do not address them as “Your Honor”.

The trustee has two responsibilities at this meeting:

  1. You will be placed under oath to testify that you are personally familiar with the paperwork that you signed before it was filed with the court.
  2. They are looking for assets that should be used to pay your creditors.

In most cases, the paperwork that was provided prior to the meeting contains all of the information the trustee needs, and they simply need to ask a few questions to verify those documents.

Most of the time the trustee will be done speaking with you in less than 5 minutes.

It is very unlikely that any creditors will appear at this meeting; unless there is something unusual about your case creditors will usually rely on the trustee to adequately review your case.

Creditors have 60 days after the date of this meeting to object to your case. Objections are very rare. If your attorney saw any reason why there might be an objection in your case, they will have already discussed it with you.