Find out what your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy options are.

California Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Fresh Start

Being in over your head in debt is frightening. Job loss, a serious illness, and the inability to work can all lead to financial strain. The combination of difficult circumstances such as these and the constant harassment from debt collectors leaves many people anxious and wondering where to turn. San Diego attorney Chris Bush is dedicated to helping consumers who are overwhelmed by debt. He helps them make a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy while explaining the process and addressing any concerns along the way. To discuss your financial situation and debt relief options, contact us today.

What are my Options?

You can eliminate most consumer debt and make a fresh start, but not everyone qualifies. Attorney Chris Bush can help you determine if you qualify for Chapter 7. If not, you can still file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

San Diego attorney Bush has the knowledge and experience to advise you throughout the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. His law office files all the required paperwork as soon as all critical information is obtained, ensuring you find timely relief to your financial stresses. They also assure that you fully understand all fees involved, including the sliding fee scale.

Stopping the Creditor Calls

When you are in financial difficulty, creditors call at all hours. They may threaten you with wage garnishment, repossession of your car or foreclosure on your house. Attorney Bush can make those calls stop immediately by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Then you can focus on your future, not on your past.

Life After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you work through a bankruptcy and come out with your credit restored, you can be confident in your financial future. Contact attorney Chris Bush to learn how to make this dream a reality. Call (619) 678-1134 to schedule your initial consultation.