Overview of Bankruptcy Options and Solutions

Bankruptcy Overview

There are many reasons and unforeseen occurrences that lead to personal financial crisis. Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to equitably resolve unmanageable debt. California bankruptcy is governed by federal bankruptcy law and is handled in federal court. Debtors get relief from debts that they cannot pay while creditors get paid from whatever property and assets the debtor has that they do not need to live. The debtor is removed from a hopeless financial position and given a fresh financial start and filing for bankruptcy immediately stops all collection efforts from creditors.

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be emotionally overwhelming. It is a tough decision under any circumstance that needs to be carefully considered. It can affect your life for a long time and is not the cure for all financial woes. Different types of bankruptcy are designed to offer solutions for people in various types of financial crisis. But not all debt can be removed through bankruptcy and it is not always a good solution. It is helpful to employ the services of a California bankruptcy attorney to advise and guide you through the legal process.

California Bankruptcy Litigation

San Diego bankruptcy litigation attorney Chris Bush uses his knowledge of California Bankruptcy Law and bankruptcy court litigation skills in matters involving Tax Debts, Child and Spousal Support Enforcement Actions and Consumer Bankruptcy. He appears on behalf of clients throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties, advocating for clients in cases involving:

Over 12 Years of Bankruptcy Experience in California

Bankruptcy attorney Chris Bush advocates for individuals and families consumed by debt after dealing with catastrophic medical bills, job loss, and other factors. Contact him today to discover whether you qualify for debt relief through California Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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