• What can bankruptcy do for me? Some simple answers.
    Bankruptcy FAQs
    Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 - Which option is better for you?
    Filing Choices
    Do I qualify for bankruptcy? Pay attention to restrictions!
    Restrictions Means Test
  • Discover a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
    Chapter 7 A New Start
    Some debts aren't dischargeable in California bankruptcy
    Debt Dischargeable?
    California has two different bankruptcy exemption systems
    California Exceptions
  • Consolidate your debt into a manageable payment plan.
    Chapter 13 Reorganization
    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debtor repayment proposal.
    Repayment Proposal
    Converting a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case to Chapter 7.
    Case Conversion
  • Student loan debt overview. The nuts and bolts and your options for debt relief.
    Loans Options
    The process of discharging Federal Student Loan debt differs from the process of discharging other types of debt
    Federal Student Loans
    Private Student Loans are a different matter entirely because they aren't covered by any federal regulations.
    Private Student Loans

Bankruptcy Highlights

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Emergencylegal issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 and Emergency Legal Issues

Many consumers and small businesses are facing financial hardship related to the COVID-19 emergency.

If you are in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and are unable to make a Chapter 13 Payment, please contact me ASAP so we can discuss options and alternative strategies.

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